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Why the blackjack?

In this game depend much technology and a little fortune.
The blackjack is the best game in absolute.
The fortune plays her role but the component of ability is the determinant motive.

The account of probability in the BLACKJACK:

The account of probability in the game of chance is essential.

The bank deals and turns the cards and it scores:6.
Your cards score:20.
What are you doing???
Evidently you don't take other cards because the possibility to make a mistake is very probable.(you will win only with an "Ace").
And evidently the possibility of the bank to score 20 or blackjack (21) is hardly probable.
We realize that for any game exist many variants.
Fortunately in this web is shown tables that permit us to effect the correct game in conformity with opening cards.
These tables are formulated to effect the best game carring out a crossed check with possibility of victory.
The tables find in the end of this page.


The earnings of casino are in the order of 8-10% of the stake amount of money.
The earning of player that he uses the blackjack tables is around in the 0,15%.

The application of table allows to economize at the latest about 10% of the stake amount of money!!!

If you stake 5euro at stroke of fortune for the most part of 50 at stroke of fortune at hour you will earn about 100 dollars (euro) in 4 hours.
With 10 dollars (euro) at stroke of fortune you will earn 200 dollars (euro) in 4 hours.

Why the casino doesn't eliminate the Blackjack??

Because the most part of players don't use tables of probability to play, but he bases himself about only intuition and fortune.
Consequently the probability of victory of casino is rising and their balance is only and amply active.
If everyone had used the tables the Blackjack would have disappeared.

What does the blackjack operate?

The table of Blackjack is divided in seven boxes put in semicircle.
In these boxes are executed the stakes.For any box is foreseen a player. Maximum seven.

The used cards are 312 type French.

In this point the banker starts to distribute the cards and proceeding from left to right, he gives one for each box and he takes one for himself.
The cards are acted openly.

Then the banker effects a second distribution but this turn the cards are acted openly.

The value of cards is:
The Ace is 1 or 11 according to situation.
The cards from 2 to 10 are their value.
The court - card count 10.

Now it needs require other cards bringing near to possible to 21, which are the "Blackjack".
Exceeding the 21 you lose the game of cards, you have lost.
The 21 you achieve with the total of the cards, or with an Ace + 1 picture-card.

The 21 with two cards are the precious "Blackjack".
If you win the Blackjack the bank looks for balance accounts, otherwise the bank loses.

In this point the bank pays the stakes that you win and the bank draws money that you have lost.

The service of the table:

Compare your two initial cards with the column to the left "your hand".

From 8 to 16 if the total of two cards is included from 8 to 16.
(example:8+2 or 3+6 etc...)

From A,2 to A,8 if one of two cards is an Ace and other are included from 2 and 8.
(Example: Ace+2 or Ace +5 etc...)

From 2,2 to A,A if your two cards are equal.
(Example:2+2 or 5+5 or A+A etc...)

Under "the card of the bank " it refers the lay one's cards on the table.

Crossing the relative box to our two cards with the pertinent box to the card of the bank you will win the game(stake) with the most possibility of victory.

When you have 3 cards or more cards you can't double.
If you can't double you must other card.
(HIT) when appears D
(STAND) when appear Ds
If you have already split a time (a turn) you can't do again.
Then follow the table calculating the total of amount as you do normally.

Exist situations that you don't make a report on the table:

1) When the total of two cards is inferior to 8 you must require other card(HIT)
2) When the total is 17 hard or more the player must always to stay
3) When the total is 19 soft or more the player must always to stay

Sense hard/soft:

SOFT when one of two cards is an Ace and means two different values.
Example: I have got an Ace and a 3. My hand is equal to 4 or 14.

HARD when the value is fixed(regular)
Example: I have got a 3 and a 10. My hand is equal to 13.

The Table: